Settlement Offers

Most people who receive an offer to settle their Workers’ Compensation claim ask the following questions:


  1. Should I settle my claim?
  2. What is my claim worth?


You should not settle your claim if you think you might have future medical problems arising from your work place injury. If you are still receiving treatment for your injuries and you settle your claim, you will be responsible for all ongoing treatment expenses and those expenses may be surprisingly costly.

If your injury leaves you with a permanent impairment, you are entitled to be compensated for that impairment. The level of your permanent impairment must be assessed by an approved medical specialist.

Our experienced lawyers will explain the notice to you and explain the process to protect your common law rights.

If you are advised that you have a common law claim you are entitled to claim compensation for pain and suffering, past and future economic loss, past and future medical expenses, travel expenses and voluntary services provided by family or friends.

If you have a total or partial incapacity for work you might be entitled to an amount for future weekly payments of compensation.

You could be entitled to an amount for ongoing medical costs.

If you are unable to return to your pre-injury employment, you might be entitled to vocational retraining costs.

All of the above must be taken into consideration in determining the value of your claim. Calculating the value of a claim can be complex, we recommend you get legal advice from lawyers who specialise in Workers’ Compensation.

If you do not have legal representation and you have received an offer to settle a claim, we invite you to contact Perth City Legal before you agree to accept the offer.

We will provide confidential settlement advice based on our assessment of your claim and we will negotiate a settlement with the Workers’ Compensation insurer.

If you require legal advice related to Settlement Offers, call us for assistance and speak to one of our experienced lawyers on (08) 9486 8088.

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If you are seriously injured, you need to act promptly. Strict time limits apply.

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There are consequences to settling your workers’ compensation claim. Talk to us before you settle.

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In Western Australia you are able to claim compensation for work related stress in certain circumstances.

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If you have filed an application at Workcover and need legal representation our experienced lawyers are able to assist.

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